Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill

currently playing 1 . Chapter I. The Catastrophe
2 . Chapter II. Two Penitents
3 . Chapter III. Ward No. 1
4 . Chapter IV. Ward No. 2.
5 . Chapter V. Secrets
6 . Chapter VI. Surprises
7 . Chapter VII. Jill's Mission
8 . Chapter VIII. Merry and Molly
9 . Chapter IX. The Debating Club
10 . Chapter X. The Dramatic Club
11 . Chapter XI. "Down Brakes"
12 . Chapter XII. The Twenty-Second of February
13 . Chapter XIII. Jack Has a Mystery
14 . Chapter XIV. And Jill Finds It Out
15 . Chapter XV. Saint Lucy
16 . Chapter XVI. Up at Merry's
17 . Chapter XVII. Down at Molly's
18 . Chapter XVIII. May Baskets
19 . Chapter XIX. Good Templars
20 . Chapter XX. A Sweet Memory
21 . Chapter XXI. Pebbly Beach
22 . Chapter XXII. A Happy Day
23 . Chapter XXIII. Cattle Show
24 . Chapter XXIV. Down the River

Jack and Jill went up a hill To coast with fun and laughter. Jack fell down and broke his crown, And Jill came tumbling after. When Jack and Jill tumble off of their sled on the first good snow of the season, their injuries cause them to be bedridden for many months putting an end to their fun and frolics. Their parents and friends fill their days with the joys of Christmas preparations, a theatrical production and many other imaginative events. Both learn how to become better friends to each other and their other school mates through their many trials. This is sure to become a family favorite! Summary by Mary Anderson.

Voice by: Mary Anderson
Language: English
Publisher LibriVox
Original author(s): Louisa May Alcott
Release date: 2007-03-24
Place of Publication: Online
keywords: Children's book , Family

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